Vision and Mission Statement

Living Spirit empowers us to remember our Divinity and to embrace our personal and collective responsibility for transforming the Universe through Love.

Our mission is to inspire people to celebrate spirituality as a way of life--encouraging them to experience God as a Living Spirit in all aspects of Life, and to act from that experience.


  • By teaching that the Divine includes and transcends all individual expressions of God;
  • By encouraging and validating each person's journey of Self-discovery;
  • By creating a communal atmosphere of non-judgment, openness, respect, trust, integrity and love;
  • By honoring the process of each person's transformation, and acknowledging the Presence of Grace in that process;
  • By believing that our gifts and talents are essential to the divine unfoldment of the Universe;
  • By teaching that we are loved unconditionally by loving unconditionally;
  • By recognizing the divine innocence in every being;
  • By acknowledging that we are without limits;
  • By living a joyful life.