Meet Rev. Sheila Graves

Since 1991, Rev. Sheila Graves has been a minister and spiritual teacher, facilitating over 200 classes and delivering more than 500 Sunday messages. 

A gifted writer, Rev. Graves has published more than 50 articles in alternative and popular magazines, specializing in practical spiritual guidance and inspirational personal profiles. 

She also wrote entries for, and edited, the 1996-7 Alternative Healing Directory in the Milwaukee-Waukesha area, and has written classes on topics of spiritual growth and understanding. Classes have included topics on energy, creativity, self-talk, dreams, intuition, focusing, past lives, archetypes, and life passages.

In 2000, Rev. Graves founded the interdenominational and alternative spiritual community of Living Spirit Church, which blends many paths into one spiritually-aware humanity. 

Because Living Spirit is independent of established teachings, those in the congregation are free to move ahead at the speed of freedom, past woundedness, complacency and easy answers, and into honesty, integrity, and responsibility for being agents of change in our ever-changing spiritual landscape.

Rev. Graves also offers classes through Living Spirit Church weaving people’s experiences and insights together into tapestries of comfort, inspiration and the completeness of life. Through her speaking, writing and facilitating, she offers inspiration, encouragement, and guidance.

As a powerful and innovative speaker, Rev. Graves addresses issues that are on the edge of spiritual understanding. Not content to stay within even the most recently-drawn lines, she challenges those that gather at Living Spirit to be aware of, and responsible for, the shifts that are so rapidly and powerfully challenging our world. This urge to live on the edge and push beyond our comfort zone is one she has lived personally for decades, consistently choosing paths that led her out of spirit-deadening situations and onward into greater sense of life and personal truth.


Pathways of Light Spiritual College (WI)

  • OMC (Ordained Ministerial Counselor)
  • Revised and updated several POL courses
  • Wrote course “Self-Talk”
  • Served as Vice President of POL (2 years)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (WI)

  •  Taught English and Linguistics for 4 years
  •  Taught English as a Second Language
  •  Wrote The Power of Words
  •  Created more revenue for UW-M Dept. of Linguistics han any other class in Department history
  •  Served in several volunteer capacities, representing students and patients at protocol reviews at Mt. Sinai Hospital

The Ohio State University (OH)

  • MA, AbD in Linguistics
  • Taught Linguistics for four years
  • Received Teaching Excellence Award in first year of teaching
  • Served as student liaison to improve communication between (Grad School) students and faculty
  • Wrote/edited workbook for the intro class in linguistics (still used today in OSU Department of Linguistics)

University of Bridgeport (CT)

  • BA in English (summa cum laude)
  • Represented student voice in University Policy

In addition to her training in language and communication, Rev. Graves has studied such varied spiritual topics as A Course in Miracles, energy, Reiki, Silva Mind Control, classes on Church and Clergy issues, public speaking, management, promotion, and more, as well as the work of Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks), Neale Walsch, and Caroline Myss.

As one, we change ourselves.
As One, we change the World.