Sunday Service - Our Sunday services include a message, music, community, mission statement and announcements.

Communion Sunday - Four times a year our community celebrates a communion which is open to everyone to participate and supports that "we are one". 


Spirit Fair - Four times a year Living Spirit holds a Spirit Fair.  These events that take place right after Sunday service feature the talents offered to the community by its members.  Shop from items in our store including books, home items, handcrafted jewelry by artists, and sharing of gifts through spiritual readings, handwriting analysis and much more. 

Monthly Discussion Group - Group is open to everyone.  A wide variety of topics come up for discussion.  This can include movies, books, current events, history, music..... Just about anything you can imagine may have been a group topic.  We also analyze dreams.  

Divine Housekeeping - The first Saturday of each month everyone who has availability is invited to come and assist in keeping our building clean.  Many hands make light work of basic vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, straightening and wiping.  It is just one way in which the community volunteers.